Q: What's the status of my order? 

A: Thank you for your order! Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping notification. If you haven't received a shipping notification, the order may be processing or being printed. Please check the Shipping & Returns page for more in-depth info about our policies!


Q: How long after I place my order does it take to ship?

A: For posters I use a print-on-demand service called Printful. Posters can take between 1-7 days to print. For apparel and stickers I work with a company called Beezer Printing that will fulfill your orders in 2-4 days.


Q: Why am I missing part of my order?

A: Items in my shop are fulfilled by different companies and will ship separately. Posters are fulfilled by Printful while apparel and stickers are fulfilled by Beezer Printing. If you placed an order that included items from Printful and Beezer, your order will come in multiple parts with separate tracking numbers. If this doesn't apply to your order and you think something is missing from your order please get in touch!


Q: Are you open for commissions?

A: I am currently open to taking on commercial projects and editorial work only. Please feel free to get in touch with The Jacky Winter Group with the details of your project!


Q: What are your rates?

A: That's a tricky question! My rates are totally dependent on the scope of the project. For more information about rates, please contact The Jacky Winter Group 


Q: Can I get a tattoo of an existing piece of your artwork?

A: Sure! I now sell tattoo tickets that you can purchase here -- these allow you to get a tattoo of an existing artwork of mine. Please note, I am not taking commissions for custom tattoos.


Q: Are you going to make your monthly iPhone wallpapers available for Android and other devices?

A: Unfortunately, I can't currently commit the amount of time it would require to expand my sizing for the phone backgrounds but it's something I may do in the future!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch!